Journey of Pregnancy

Journey of Pregnancy - Someone has rightly said that Life is a challenge and accept it and life is a thrill enjoy it. In this context, one can hardly imagine life without friends, kith and kens, contemporaries or chums. Not only this, it seems uneasy or rather impossible to spend life as unmarried fellow.

Journey of Pregnancy

Each and every individual is joyous on the day of marriage and   that very happiness is worth understanding and justified as well. The happiest moment is the one when the lady come to know that she has conceived.  The lady glows and blushes with joy and the entire family rejoices about the entry of new member in the family.

Moreover , every member in the family thrills with joy and are curious to welcome the new member in the family as soon as possible. Grandmother and even elderly ladies in the neighbourhood start gossiping and express their pleasant feelings which can be seen vividly on their old age faces and they start sharing their age old experiences with the pregnant mother and advise her about so many dos and don’ts during pregnancy period for the safe and comfortable delivery of baby.

This is the beginning of uncomfortable journey of pregnancy for lady who is going to become a mother. In some societies or cultures gestation is to be kept as secret.

She is advised not to work anymore in the house and simply take rest. In the present circumstances when things are changing so fast and ladies are working in every area of life along with gents how can she afford to miss office. Even up to seventh month of pregnancy pregnant ladies work in office, no doubt certain precautions need to be taken.

Even during pregnancy a house wife she can behave normally in her family , she can cook food, wash clothes and do cleaning and perform all normal activities which she had been doing. Medical science also justifies it.

There are so many beliefs and traditions or better known as superstitions related to pregnancy which are conveyed to pregnant mother by people. The baby bump should not be touched by any body or strangers.

There are superstitions related to eclipse also. There are a number of legends warning a pregnant lady during an eclipse. It is believed that pregnant lady who is in the presence of an eclipse could cause her baby to have facial deformities or birth marks.

Secondly, a pregnant mother is not permitted to move about during eclipse. She can’t take bath , eat or cut anything or do any house hold task during the period of eclipse whether it is solar or lunar eclipse. So ,there are so many dos and don’ts for a pregnant woman during an eclipse. The old wife’s tale that if rays fall on the pregnant lady will cause harm to her baby.

Pregnant mother is not allowed to attend marriages .So much so bridegroom and pregnant mother are not advised to sit in one room .Certain cultures believe that there could be clash of quinary and might bring misfortune to the baby.

Moreover, pregnant mother is further advised to their leis untied because they fear that completed loop might cause the baby to be strangled by the umbilical cord.

Pregnant mother is also advised to remain away from water like ponds ,pools, river or sea shore .

At the time of death of someone pregnant mother cannot visit the bereaved family as she is not permitted by her family members especially age old ladies. Attending funeral by her is beyond imagination.

Pregnant mother has to take permission about eating as well. Her eating habits’ are controlled and checked by her mother in law or grand mother.It is assumed that threat the baby would have the shape of the food she denied for her self.

She is restricted to take foods like meat ,cheese, fish ,raw egg, alcohol ,caffeine which might have deleterious effects on the baby. However, scientific facts related to eating of raw papaya is the latex of unripe papaya might stimulate uterine contractions.

This would precipitate the chances for early labor as it contains certain chemicals like papain or prostaglandins which lead to labor pain. Similarly  , consumption of alcohol smoking, raw eggs or even raw salad do have harmful effects on the fetus

. She is advised to take saffron milk at night as the delivered baby would be fair complexioned. Further, it is very essential to fulfill the wish of pregnant mother if she is desirous of eating a particular food or dish. The mother in law gets on the job. There is a tradition to make her eat excess of foods rich in fats or clarified butter.

A pregnant mother is not permitted to keep any scissor, knife or sharp object near her bed. It is completely forbidden in certain cultures as it is an indication or risk of getting the umbilical cord damaged. However ,a dagger may be permitted under the bed on the flipside in order to ward off evil spirits who may linger around the baby in the womb.

Restrictions do not stop here, pregnant mother cannot se e the moon even .Moon is always credited with lunar effect for conception, fertility rates, homicide and suicidal tendencies.

A general instruction is given in family that no foul language should be spoken in front of pregnant mother as it might have negative influence on the baby.

There are so many taboos about travel as well . A pregnant mother cannot travel. The only thing is about the time period of pregnancy, in case it is more than 36 week old then precautions or restrictions are to be taken .The mode of transport if it is by train ,sat should be somewhat near the toilet and medications if any are to be carried of curse in consultation with the concerned gynecologist.

The fundamental question arises how a pregnant mother should react to the present circumstances that arise out of her pregnancy and how to spend this journey. Is it necessary to listen to many dictations or apprehensions that are presumed to arise out of her pregnancy.

It is better to have regular medical checkups are stick to valuable medical advise and say no to superstitions and make the journey of pregnancy normal happy and safe.

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