Dental Education in India

Dental Education in India - Dentists, dental surgeons or oral health care providers have received tremendous attention and social recognition.

dental education in india

This is because of the fact that dedication, hard work and commitment for providing oral health care by dentist and incredible recognition of dental education and acclamation over the past years in India.

It was in 1948 dental act was passed in the parliament which was a triggering factor for flourishing dental profession in the country.

Here, mention should be made to Dr. Raffiudin Ahmed, father of dentistry in India; it was through his tremendous efforts that first ever dental college was established 100 years ago, 1920.

In a highly populous and vast country like India there are about 300 dental colleges,  from which 30,000 BDS graduates past out every year. However, distribution of these dental colleges exists predominantly in urban areas of the country and that in states like tamil-nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The oral health case of our citizens does not measure up to the mark, especially among those living in rural areas.

This very severe disparity and imbalance between rural and urban population has influenced dental surgeons passing every year in practicing in urban areas only for better returns and monitory gains.
There have been two types of approaches towards the practice of dentistry throughout the globe.

One such approach is centered as dental education to be recognized as an independent discipline. Second, approach is centered as dental education to be considered as specialty of medical education.

Dental council of India (DCI) was established as a result of the dentist act of 1948. This act is intended to regulate dental practice in India.

Dental collages that are being throughout this country either fall in government sector or in private sector.

Lastly I would suggest that a uniform nationwide dental licensure examination such as NDBE in the U.S, should be encouraged dental education needs to be reformed and modernize and lay emphasis a boosting research culture among the students.

An idea of ideal dental practice creativity, genuine dental research and move emphasis as practical aspects of training and knowledge of the use of composite materials and deep understanding of crown is highly desired.

Lastly, present scenario regarding the dentists in India reveals that are country is facing short earnings of the dentists.

Major of dental surgeon work in urban area and oral health of people living mostly in rural area is not only poor but goes from bad to worse.

Awareness regarding oral health and hygiene as account of consumption of in various form is at its peak in rural area of the country. Areas which have high percentage of fluoride in drinking water are also creating challenges to dentists.

High incident of dental caries, periodontal problems, oral cancer near to be tackled with by introducing a national policy on the use of fluoride for controlling dental caries.

Written by:
Sandeep Singh
RDCH Jaipur

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