Valley of Kashmir

Valley of Kashmir is surrounded by mountains varied in height and color. These mountains engulf Kashmir in the four directions, East, West, North and South. To the East of the valley, Haramukh mountain gives it's presence, Mahadev stands to the South of lofty ranges of Gwash Bari.

valley of kashmir

The well known and famous peak of Amar Nath lies in this area.To the South West Pir Panjal range with peaks 4500 M height lies here.To the North lies Korakoram and the Himalayas.

Nanga Parbat, fifth highest mountain peak in the world is found here.In addition to high and colored mountain peaks,Kashmir Valley is blessed with having a number of mind blowing, fabulous God gifted lakes such as Veri Nag,  Dal lake, Wullar lake, Anchar lake, Gangabal,and other historical sites like Mughal gardens, Pari Mahal etc .

Valley of Kashmir is approximately 145 Km in lenght and 34 Km in width.Most of the length of valley is traversed by navigable river known as Jhelum or Vitasta. Srinagar city lies 1585 M above mean sea level.

In short,entire Kashmir Valley represents Gods own creation where one can see nature in it's naked form.We wish Nature's poet ,William Words worth should have visited Kashmir and expressed his feelings.Here let every nature lover go through the well known golden words about Kashmir, Agar Firdaus Bar Rue Zamin Ast,Hamin Asto, Hamin Asto, Hamin Ast____ It means if there be Paradise on Earth,it's here,it's here ,it's here.

Some Prominent Tourist Spots


Phalgam is world's most famous tourist spot.It is situated at the confluence of river Liddar and Sheshnag.It lies 96 KMS away from Srinagar City.A Shiva Temple (Mamaleshwar) exists here and is believed to be one of the oldest temple 400)A village Mamal ,just one Km from Pahalgam.A number of mountain trails run North East to Amarnath cave Temple,a Hindu Shrine lies here.It is an important site of Amar Nath yatra pilgrimage .


Gulmarg is basically a cup shaped meadow blessed with scenic beauty comprising of fabulously colored flowers,lush green turf,tall pines trees with snow. Gulmarg is a famous tourist spot known for winter sports ,skiing.Indian Institute of Skiing lis here.


Sonamarg is a vast beautiful meadow and number of lakes are found in this area .It lies 87 KMS away from Srinagar.Sonamarg represents last halt on the valley side for a drive to Kargil/ Leh through Zojila pass.Sinamarg is supposed to be the starting point for going to Vishansar, Krishanasar, Gadasar lakes.Devotees also go to Holy AmarNath Cave via Baltal. Some well known Himalayan  glaciers like Kolhoi,Machoi also lie in the close vicinity here.


This tourist place is rich in sprawling Meadows which create a refreshing impulse in the minds of tourists.One comes across with numerous apple trees and famous town Chaar- i_ Sharief on the way to Yousmarg.

ShankaraCharya Temple

Emperor Ashokas Son,Jaluka,had built this temple around 200 BC It is one of the famous sacred sites in Srinagar .The pleasant tranquil atmosphere of this hilly temple refreshes the minds of numerous devoteeswho take the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Mata Kheer Bhawani Temple

This famous ,sacred,and oldest temple is stuated14 miles away from Srinagar city in village Tulamulla .This temple is dedicated to goddess Ragini.Her temple is constructed over a spring which changes it's color magically from time to time in good and adverse conditions prevailing in the Kashmir Valley.It is an important site of Hindu faith particularly for Kashmiri Pandits.

Hari Parbat Fort

It lies on the west of Dal Lake in Srinagar This Mughal Structure was built by an Afghan Governor,Atta Mohammad during 18 century.In this area,a Hindu TempleChakrehwar,a Mosque,and Gurudwara coexist .This  place represents a symbol of Communal harmony .

Mughal Gardens

Mughal gardens such as Nishat Bagh,Shalimar Bagh,ChasmaShahi are some of the most famous and frequently admired places not only by locals but have fascinated numerous tourists from all over the world on account of rich Mughal architecture. These gardens are really amazing.

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